Friday, December 11, 2009

Best time-line for Chinese history

As one who was born and grown up on Chinese Mainland and Taiwan before coming to the United States, I must confess that I have never really pay much attention to Chinese History. Only now after spent a practically life time away from my native land, do I realize the profound and richness of the history I failed to appreciate and learn as a youngster. Fortunately there's internet now so that I can slowly pick up some of the knowledge somehow I should have learned long time ago. Better late than never!

One of the drawbacks in the history classes I had was the disconnect between the Chinese history we learned and the World history in general. For instance I can casually recite the sequence od major dynasties in history, but never know the centuries those dynasties are corresponding to. Today I discovered a detailed timeline from this web site to remedy that. I have seen a number of timeline types over the years, I think this one is the best.

I think the table is by and large historically correct. Except an impoetant flaw on the item next to the last one needs to be pointing out. At the end of the timeline it indicated that the Republic of China to be "A.D. 1911 - 1949" which is absolutely WRONG! The Republic of China did not ended in 1949, not at all! The Republic of China is alive and well in Taiwan, has instituted the best democratic system all the future Chinese people can expect to follow, and will celebrate her centennial in two years. If there is one thing the commie thugs that's controlling the mainland government are afraid of the Republic of China in Taiwan right now is ROC's flourishing democratic system. They are trying everything to destroy it. One technique they are using currently is the vain "unification." Fortunately people in Taiwan are too smart to fall for this. Long live the Republic of China!

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