Monday, July 12, 2010

A long day

Well, a long day indeed, I finally came aboard the conference boat – George Zukov, named after the WWII famous general. The flight from Frankfurt to Nizhny was nice and smooth and by virtue of my special order of low salt diet I was even served a nice piece of fresh fish for dinner!

There were 40 people from that flight supposedly to come to this conference. The organizer had prepared a big bus to take us all to the boat. The Russian immigration officer took time to check out each and everyone before let everyone in. I waited outside his booth for at least 10 minutes before got my pass. The bus ride was kind of long and slowly went across the city to come to the boat harbor. It was close to mid-night and naturally dark outside so we did not see much. It’s a relatively small boat with only three floors of cabins. No comparison to ocean cruise ships here. But all in all a reasonably comfortable arrangement.

I guess I must be tired, I fall soundly sleep before waking up in the morning.

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