Monday, July 12, 2010

So far so good!

Here I am relaxing at the Sky-club-lounge in terminal 2 of the Frankfurt airport. After a delayed 7 hour Lufthansa flight from Detroit. I am still having plenty of time for my next flight to Nizhny Novgorod this afternoon. I like the non-rushed flight schedule, especially now my walking is always at the super-slow-motion mode. Anyway, the trip is so far so good. The only drawback is that I am travel by myself. I enjoyed our trip to Orlando to visit Tina, Mike, CJ, and Anna so much because Teresa was with me. Now that I am going to a conference basically, I am on my own. Come to Europe does not really feel like foreign anymore. But going to Russia, at least in anticipation, I am very much having the feeling of going to a foreign land. But this is an opportunity I welcome; I have been really looking forward to this trip. It is interesting that Tina, Mike and the girls are on a cruise in Alaska right now. We are traveling at the opposite side of Siberia. Tina has been writing a travelogue, I am committing my thoughts on this personal blog. As I have told Tina that old Chinese saying of traveling 10-thousand miles would equivalent to reading 10-thousand books. Traveling is always educational to everyone even old guy like me!

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